Good Auto Insurance Coverage in Virginia

What does it mean to have good insurance coverage in Virginia?  To answer this question, consider what expenses you hope to avoid if faced with an auto accident with injuries.   You probably want to avoid any medical expenses associated with a personal injury.  A related question is “what happens if I am injured by a negligent driver without auto insurance?”

In Virginia,

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Punitive Damages against Corporations in Virginia

Corporations can be Liable for Punitive Damages in Virginia.

Punitive damages may be awarded against a corporation for the wrongful conduct of its agent or
employee if the corporation engaged in, authorized or ratified the wrongful conduct.

To subject a corporate employer to punitive damages liability on the basis that the corporate employer itself engaged in the wrongful acts of its agent or employee,

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Virginia Defamation Basics

Defamation is a matter of state law, but because of the free speech protections of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, important rules have been crafted by the Supreme Court of the United States.

There are three important considerations in defamation cases.  First, was the injury to reputation apparent? 

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Matthew Sutter and Stephen Terpak have formed Sutter & Terpak, PLLC

We are glad you have visited the Sutter & Terpak, PLLC website.  We serve victims of negligence, wrongdoing, and working families harmed by unscrupulous and discriminatory employers.  Matthew T. Sutter and Stephen M. Terpak are life-long residents of northern Virginia with 30 years of combined courtroom experience. 

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